Welcome to our new project, Foliage Frenzy. We might only have just got going but we've got big plans.


Do you love gardening but lack outside space?

Many large cities have far more apartments than houses, and not everyone is lucky enough to have a garden.

Well, as long as you have space inside, there's no need to lose out. We're here to show you how easily you can start an indoor garden and how you can benefit from keeping plants indoors.

Our main aim is to equip you with all the information you need about every imaginable aspect of gardening indoors.

We'll show you which plants would work well and how to choose them. While from time to time we'll suggest some great plants for you to consider, that's not our main purpose at all. We want this to be your go-to resource for everything related to your indoor garden.

With plenty of detailed how-to guides from our team of green-fingered enthusiasts and no shortage of awesome gardening tips, we've got plenty planned so keep coming back for more!